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Your own Information Systems team

Organisations with their own in-house Information Systems (IS) team are in the perfect position to provide optimal support to the activities of the charity. “You want to allow case workers to log new client appointments through their smart phones? I’ll get Samantha on to it right now, drop by this afternoon and we’ll show you, talk it through.”

But you’re also paying your team’s salaries in quiet times too. (Sure, they always look busy - if you’re an IT professional you’re a research addict by definition.)  And there is the slight chance that an internal team, protected from the harsh commercial weather, could become a cosy backwater and lose motivation.

If, on the other hand, every time you want to change a business process or do something new you have to start negotiations with your account manager at Bagem & Soakem Consultants to bolt on bespoke chunks to a mass market package, you may get a different scenario: 

“Well Nigel, you know this is a CRM system first and foremost, and you’re already pushing the envelope. Plus we’re up to our necks rolling out the ‘upgrade’ from 4 to 5. We can run it up the flagpole at the user group, see if there’s traction? No, tell you what, we’ll send a developer down on-site, cap it in a week, and, as it’s you, just £800 a day, okay?”

Hmmm, pros and cons, but probably the best place to be, we think, is one with:

  • a team which is as responsive as an internal IS team, but is
  • a team you can switch on and off as you need them (and if you don’t need, you don’t pay), and uses
  • a popular software platform with a broad developer base (so the team knows they’re always on trial)

And where can you find your own virtual IS team that works like that? 

One of our favourite customer quotes: “In this District we see Infoworks as part of the team, and I know of no other supplier, apart from the sandwich shop next door (who are our tenants!), of whom that could be said.”

Please get in touch, and put us to the test.

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