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Infoworks is primarily a software development company for the charity sector, and many organisations we speak to assume that we only provide support for our own software.

But actually, nearly 40% of the applications we support (and now develop too) began as non-Infoworks applications, so if you’re having trouble finding a good support company for your system please get in touch.

1. Delivering top quality support

Infoworks performs support briefings for all support staff and maintains a file of briefing documents on all supported systems. The briefing document is concise but comprehensive, summarising the system and troubleshooting common problems, including familiarisation tasks and passwords.

Each day there is a designated support ‘anchor’ person to provide front-line support on a daily basis from 9am to 5pm, all working days of the year.

We assign deputy anchors for when the main anchor is tied up, and the anchors are also backed up by project managers, the technical director, and developers. If you have difficulty getting through to the support line, just call your project manager’s mobile number.

Support calls are logged in a call-handling area within our CRM system.  And the system is accessible to all our clients via our website, so you can log calls yourself, monitor progress, and review common problems.

Typically, we solve over 40% of problems at initial logging, and 75% of calls are fixed on the same day. Calls remaining on the log are re-prioritised at the end of the working day.

The principle driving the support operation is that the client and support team should never be in any doubt about the next action required on the call – it is the anchor’s duty to maintain the log in such a way that the next action is always clear.

Our standard contract guarantees a response within one working day of a call being logged. Urgent calls are addressed within two hours, and solutions are provided within one working day. We are happy to negotiate different terms and service levels for specific requirements.

2. Second tier support

Some organisations we work with like to handle front-line support themselves, only referring more difficult issues to Infoworks

We’re happy to work as frontline or second tier, depending on what suits you,

Please email or call to chat through your requirements.

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