Our Ethos

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Why are we here?

  • Our charity customers need us to create successful information systems from merest notions
  • We enjoy creating great things with software
  • We are good at it
  • We want to get better
  • We want to be here

The Ethos

All of our staff and freelancers use the following mantra's during their day to day work with you.

  • Maintain “can-do” attitude - there is no room in Infoworks for “can’t do”, cynicism or negative thinking, though an open door policy means we tackle issues together.
  • Love thy client - before you say anything to a client, put yourself in their shoes and think: how you would it play with me? Would your Mum be proud of you? Love your client and your client will love you!
  • Manage expectations - if the client wants XYZ by the end of the day, don’t promise it if you’re not sure we can do it – instead say we’ll do our best but give an estimate of completion by a time you’re confident we can easily deliver. Finish as per the estimate and the client will be satisfied. Finish early and they’ll be delighted. If you commit to ‘end of the day’ and we can’t deliver, you’ll have an angry client and even angrier colleagues. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Keep the end in mind - don’t lose sight of what you’re doing any particular job for.
  • Three moves on - we’re aiming for Z. If we do A, we’ll probably get to X. So we do B and Y will happen. So we will always be thinking ahead in the best interests of the client.
  • Think next time - if we started from scratch on everything we did, we’d never learn, never get quicker. Key is to build on previous knowledge, see what the last/best effort of our colleagues was. We always collaborate internally, sharing our ideas and concepts, never re-inventing the wheels. Whenever we do something new or good, it is built it into our infrastructure for all to use.
  • Tight ship / sense of urgency - we like to keep on top of things and not let things slide. Which means we won’t keep you or colleagues hanging around.
  • Customer Service - with such competition how come there is room in the market for Infoworks? Ask our existing clients and you will find time and again we go above and beyond to ensure that your relationship with us is a fruitful one.

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