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We have been providing solutions to the charity sector since 1988.

Management information at your fingertips

Our experts can help you to integrate all of your different IT systems to give you the information you need.

Application development

We develop powerful, easy-to-use browser based software for your specific requirements. Our systems feature CRM functionality with workflow automation and a mix of business processes (eg Membership, Event & Case Management). The application framework is driven by data, so when your organisation changes, we don’t have to change the software - we just change the data.

System integrations

Often an organisation will have many different systems with common data - API's between these system allow data to be shared without duplication. So whether you have membership information in Salesforce that needs to be shared with your finance system or you need to interact with other software technologies, we are able to implement JS, XML, RESTful APIs.

CRM framework

Imagine a market-leading CRM system which allowed you to use a data structure for just your organisation from scratch, one that can record everything and anything you want without compromise, without having to bend and twist to fit some packaged view of the world - but one which still has all the functionality you’d expect from a market-leading package.

Project management

The key to successfully managing any change is good project management. At Infoworks, we have several experienced project managers, who between them have successfully managed literally hundreds of projects.


We love building shiny new solutions. But we’re often at our most useful picking up the pieces from failing projects, broken relationships and tangles of complexity & frustration. We have the methods and the mind-set to help you forge success from failure + the honesty to tell you when to call it a day.

Free sounding board

Got an idea or a problem?

Try it out on us - we'll give you free professional advice. Infoworks staff have been working in charity sector ICT since 1988 and we have nurtured networks of contacts in many related disciplines and organisations. So we can signpost you to the best people and sources of information available.

Welcome to Infoworks

Since 1988 we have been taking our clients' notional system requirements and, with them, creating enduringly successful information systems - packed full of data-driven functionality, that revolutionise the way their organisations work.

We have a very methodical approach, and we're constantly and actively growing our expertise, experience and understanding in and of our sector and core technologies. We have an information systems framework and a suite of tools for generating information systems directly from the data that defines the system requirement (see software generation). And when we say revolutionise we mean:

- Using our distinctive approach to data-driven workflow to orchestrate, standardise, and re-model business processes.

- Implementing web-facing, self-service facilities for stakeholders, thus breaking down the traditional boundaries to turn the organisation inside-out.

We're happy to work really hard as a cohesive team for the third sector, and we’re fulfilled by our work. Our instinct is to work ethically, enjoyably, and profitably, and get a little bit better each time.

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