Relationship breakdown

Picture relating to how we can help if your supplier relationship has broken down
In a software jam? Stuck in a failing relationship? 

If you’re not getting what you think you should be getting from your software supplier, if the relationship is breaking down, it sometimes helps to bring in a neutral-but-knowledgeable broker.

We can act as a bridge between you (the unfairly treated client) and them (the nose-out-of-joint developers).

You can deal with us because we understand this kind of relationship and how to get the best outcome for both parties. If you’re making unreasonable requests, we’ll tell you.

They can deal with us because we’re not ivory tower theorists, we do the same kind of work they do and they’ll respect our technical knowledge - they know we won’t ask them to do something we couldn’t do. If we think they’re being obstructive, we’ll be calmly assertive and get a result for you.

We’re pretty good at this, and we have a project management methodology that insists on (and a web-based project management system that facilitates) full, positive, and good communication.

Developer gone AWOL? That’s it, I’ve had it, it’s over!

It’s surprising the number of projects where we hear, ‘The developer emigrated to Canada’, ‘He’s in South America’, or ‘He went back to South Africa’.

Sometimes they’re still here, but you’re so fed up with them you simply cannot talk to them without a lawyer!

We can usually help in both cases. We have the project management methodology and tools to turn a project around, and from our work in this world since 1988 we have the contacts to fill a vacant technical role with a reliable developer.

Ooooh, nasty – I wouldn’t start from here!

If a project is saveable, we’ll save it. If it isn’t, we’ll quickly advise you to stop digging, and guide you towards a real solution.

We won’t try to channel you into an Infoworks solution – we know good companies who specialise in framing new projects and we’ll refer you to them, knowing that our thinking on your best solution is just one of many possibles.

We promise that we’ll always act in your long term best interests.

Not sure what to do next?

Call us. It costs nothing, and we’re a good sounding board.

We’ve been around in the charity sector forever, and we know most people and most possible ways forward, and we like to help!

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