Free sounding board

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Got an idea or a problem?

Try it out on us - we'll give you free advice.

Infoworks staff have been working in charity sector ICT since 1988, and we have nurtured networks of contacts in many related disciplines and organisations.

So we can signpost you to the best people and sources of information available and give you some independent feedback.

We love building shiny new solutions, but we're often at our most useful picking up the pieces from failing projects, broken relationships and tangles of complexity & frustration.

We have the methods and the mind-set to help you forge success from failure + the honesty to tell you when to call it a day or assist by using our developers to aid you.

People like you have found this free service very useful - we help 10-15 people each week and if we can help you along the way with a 10 minute chat or an email, it makes our day. Good feedback tells us the advice is very useful.

What's the catch? What does Infoworks get out of this?

We keep our finger on the pulse and we create a lot of goodwill towards Infoworks - we need both for long term success.

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