Paperbuilding resources


  • The PaperBuild Practitioner CD - All you need to know about PaperBuilding. Here's the PaperBuild Practitioner guide for you to download: PaperBuild Practitioner Download - N.B. This is a zip file and you'll need to extract it to a new folder on your PC
  • PaperBuild template set - Print out the paper templates and get started. Get them from here
  • Word toolset for PaperBuild - If you prefer to work on the computer rather than on paper (e.g. if your group is spread across the country), this toolset gives you a quick way of representing screen paints with fields, labels, data grids, navigation, buttons. Shaded tables are really quick and handy for mocking up user interfaces. Get the PaperBuild toolset in MS Word here
  • Infoworks PaperBuildDB - PaperBuildDB allows you to create large application mock-ups in minutes, simply from a list of fields – they’re created in dynamic HTML straight from the PaperBuild data.

    PaperBuildDB is also the tool Infoworks use to generate real functioning applications straight from PaperBuild data. When you're ready to try using the PaperBuildDB yourself, contact us to arrange access to the system... and then you can login here.

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