Technical expertise

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We have a wide breadth of knowledge with our primary application developments focusing on Microsoft technologies. Predominately, MS SQL Server databases exposed over the internet with web frontends or APIs.

Our systems integration knowlegde allows you to extend the functionality of your existing systems, for example by integrating Zoom into your CMS and share data across multiple solutions allowing cohesive solutions between your MIS, accounting, calendar, CMS, email and CRM platforms to name a few.

Our primary area of expertise is database application development, served over the web through web frontends or desktop applications calling APIs, focusing on Microsoft technologies:

  • ASP.NET Webforms/MVC/APIs in .NET Core, C# and VB.Net
  • HTML & CSS, including Bootstrap
  • Javascript, jQuery and other frameworks
  • MS SQL Server programming
  • XML and JSON manipulation
  • Web services
  • IIS

Do you just need some high level technical help when you hit a block, or to get you through a difficult project?

Our consultants and developers may be able to help.

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