Infoworks is a leading third sector information systems specialist and a free sounding board.

Think of us as your 'data brother'. 

We provide software, support and related strategic consultancy services in the areas of CRM, information systems, MIS, cloud computing, mobile, social network integration, web applications and bespoke databases.

Our main business is the provision of large organisation-wide CRM information systems to manage combinations of appointments, cases, communication, contacts, contracts, courses, donors, events, grants, helpline, HR, impact, invoicing, membership, mailing, knowledge, projects, programmes, relationships, sales and time. We integrate with accounting, calendar, CMS, email, office, postcode/geocode & SMS software.

Some of our solutions run on servers inside client premises, some are cloud based. Some are public facing, some private to the organisation.

If you’ve had experience of systems like Dynamics, Salesforce, Enterprise CRM or Care and yearned for something… different, read on. Our solutions are easy to use, our motto is ‘simple systems for clever users’. They're big, beautiful & browser-based, and like us, their only purpose is to help your organisation thrive - achieve your strategic objectives, be the best in your field - through quick & nimble support of your changing business processes.  

We’re different in that…
1. we’re mad about method: consistent approach, rigorous analysis, controlled project management, long-term thinking and strategic vision. We use a technique called PaperBuilding to empower normal people to express their software requirements.

2. our solution frameworks allow us to generate software directly from your requirement spec, super-fast. The result looks great and is unique to your organisation, but beneath the surface it is built on core components & foundation layers common to all our systems, continually refined over many years.

3. we generalise - as in, our systems contain many generalised or “data driven” functions – rules, workflows & logic stored as data, so users can adapt and extend their own systems without the need to write software!

So what? Well, the generation gives us the ability to tackle huge database requirements with ease - size is no object. Generalisation cuts bespoke development to a minimum and benefits all our clients. The driven methodical approach gives us consistently high quality results - we're dependably good. The combination of the 3 make us especially well suited to large/complex database amalgamation projects for organisations in flux.

Our clients are mainly charities and not-for-profit organisations, but we also work with social enterprises, local & national government bodies, SME’s and corporate clients.  Most of the systems we support were written by us, but some have been rescued and adopted. Sometimes we’re the facilitators – we help your in-house team get further, quicker and produce better quality solutions. Increasingly, we’re joint instigators - we love to combine with other organisations & individuals to make useful things happen. 
We’re good, we’re friendly and we’re well connected. So if you have a problem or an idea concerning anything mentioned here, try it out on us. We have some insight on most areas but if we can’t help, we can probably «-sign-post-» you to someone who can. 
Case Studies

FRED helps us to react quickly to changing needs - if we need to support a new activity, we don't have to twist a package to make it fit. We build the system around our needs

Adam @ NDCS

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